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Automation in a single click with AI workflows

Easy to build. Intuitive to use.

Why IbisGen?

Just one click to...
AI Written Report
Research, compile data, and generate reports
Generate reliable solutions to your recurring tasks
Take back your time to focus on the things that move the needle
Scale AI across your organization
Workflow Display
One workspace for all AI workflows
Upload company data for workflows tailored to your company's needs
Share workflows with colleagues to increase productivity for the whole team
Track the impact in real-time
View usage & adoption by across your entire organization
Track and attribute your technology investment by business unit & function
Link the adoption of AI workflows to specific business outcomes
Own your data
with a cloud native stack
Prevent data leakage by controlling where your data is stored and how it's used
Use a managed plan or deploy to your private cloud; with a cloud native tech stack, it's all easy
Directly access your data and integrate it into other business applications

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Chicago Booth School of Business
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